Birth and First 48

Some people asked me : Why would I want those pictures?

Every special moment in your life pass extremely fast. Is like if it was in fast forward , you don't have time to absorb every second, you missed so many details and you have priorities that don't allowed you to oversee the situation and then is when I'm find myself helpful. I will become a ghost around you and even though sounds creepy , no one will notice me. My job is document every second of that moment , that kiss that your husband gives you , or when he hold your hand or his eyes at the moment he sees your baby for the first time or your love tears when you hold your baby , maybe his/hers tiny fingers that will never be that little again.

Is not about how pretty you look, is about saving this images like a treasure because you will remember how you felt that day every time you look at pictures and when your baby asked you how was it when he was born ? you can sit with them and tell then the most beautiful love story they could ever hear

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